The O*NET/NOC Crosswalk, an update.
An update on the two new crosswalks we developed that underpins our latest findings in the Digitalization in Canada project.
New student loan changes are good for entrepreneurs, but we need targeted support for marginalized communities
New changes to the Canada Student Loans program can encourage more future entrepreneurs. But how can it go further in addressing inequities for low-income and marginalized students?
Does the cooling tech labour market signal trouble for the Canadian economy? Not necessarily.
The once-booming tech sector is experiencing layoffs and hiring freezes, but ebbs and flows in this sector operate in a separate ecosystem from the larger economy.


t the Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship (BII+E), we’re motivated by the potential of the innovation economy. We believe Canada can build prosperity that will be more widely shared than ever before. To achieve this future, Canada will need forward-looking insights and new thinking to advance actionable innovation policy.


Our multi-disciplinary teams focus on work streams which we believe are critical to Canada’s future economic success. They build collaborative relationships with our partners to generate rigorous research, propose unconventional approaches and pilot ideas to explore how Canada’s innovation economy can include people of different ages, incomes and backgrounds.

We seek to understand how jobs and skills across Canada are being impacted by technological change, such as automation and digital augmentation, to help companies and people gain the skills they need to adapt and thrive in an innovation-driven economy.
Race Alongside the Machines: Occupational digitalization trends in Canada, 2006-2021
This report offers a comprehensive look into how technology has impacted jobs and workers across 500 occupations in Canada in the last 15 years.
Who are Canada’s Tech Workers?
Looking at the many faces behind Canada’s tech occupations, with a focus on who are Canada’s tech workers? Where do they work? And what do they earn?
Better, Faster, Stronger: Maximizing the benefits of automation for Ontario’s firms and people
This report explores the risks and rewards automation and outlines the dual challenge technology advances present to Ontario’s economy—to simultaneously improve lagging technological adoption, while mitigating its negative impacts for some workers—and proposes a bold strategy to meet this challenge head on.