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Building Ontario’s advanced manufacturing supercluster from scratch
In conversation with Jay Myers, CEO of Next Generation Manufacturing Canada, the industry-led, not-for-profit organization established to lead Canada's Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster. While in the early stages of its development, Ontario’s Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster promises to help Ontario’s manufacturing and tech companies and workers alike build the connections and capabilities.
Impact of Tech on Ontario’s Workforce: A research project
Over the course of five months, beginning in Fall 2017, we examined the implications of technological change on Ontario's labour market, including areas of potential worker disruption but also opportunities for growth. Supported by the Ontario Government, we sought to produce a report to share our learnings.
Citizen perspectives on labour automation
From AI doctors, to virtual assistants, technology is changing the type of work we do. But what does this mean for the majority of Ontario workers? What change is coming, and how should we prepare? For employers, non profit organizations, and government specifically, there is need to understand how to design the right supports to ensure Ontario workers are able to successfully adapt to automation.


t the Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship (BII+E), we’re motivated by the potential of the innovation economy. We believe Canada can build prosperity that will be more widely shared than ever before. To achieve this future, Canada will need far sighted insights and new thinking to advance actionable innovation policy.


Our multi-disciplinary teams focus on work streams which we believe are critical to Canada’s future economic success. They build collaborative relationships with our partners to generate rigorous research, propose unconventional approaches and pilot ideas to explore how Canada’s innovation economy can include people of different ages, incomes and backgrounds.

We're seeking policy-oriented economists or data scientists to support our quantitative research on a part-time, project basis
This project aims to support evidence-based approaches to address the unique challenges women entrepreneurs face in growing their businesses. The funded projects both provide support to women entrepreneurs growing their businesses and strengthen the capacity of Ontario’s entrepreneurial ecosystem to serve the province’s entrepreneurs.
We partnered with CIFAR to develop and host a series of AI Futures Policy Labs with the aim of helping emerging policy leaders in Canada’s public, private, academic, and not-for-profit sectors prepare for the opportunities and challenges that accompany the rapid development of artificial intelligence.
How can Canada level up our digital literacy? We're seeking to understand what digital literacy is, who has access to it, and why it’s important for civic, social, and economic participation. We'll be looking at the state of digital literacy across the country, at all ages and levels.
The Brookfield Institute is seeking a summer communications intern to support a fast-paced and exciting research agenda
This work stream seeks to understand the impacts of Artificial Intelligence (AI), demystify core AI capabilities and identify new ways of using advances in AI to improve government and promote public interest.
Adopting AI in the Public Sector
What can AI do for governments? We’ve all heard about the potential for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to make all sorts of tasks more efficient and effective—from driving to interpreting medical imaging. This same potential exists for improving government services and decision-making across many areas.
The AI Shift
This report gathers insights from guest speakers and participants gathered during our one-day conference, hosted in partnership with the Government of Ontario’s Policy Innovation Hub. The event explored changes in technical capabilities of AI, their commercial applications, and proposed recommendations for how government responds and how sectors collaborate.
The Brookfield Institute is seeking a summer research intern to support a fast-paced and exciting research agenda.