AI Adoption in Canada

Benchmarking, evaluating, and supporting the adoption of AI technologies, which have the potential to lead Canada out of its current low-productivity footing.
AI Adoption in Canada

Project Team

Angus Lockhart
Senior Policy Analyst

Why we’re doing this project 

With Canada lagging behind in overall productivity, how do we stack up to our global peers on implementation of AI technology? What firms and programs are leading the AI charge, and what firms and/or regulations are holding us back from realizing our full potential?

AI Adoption in Canada will explore trends in our AI talent pipeline, infrastructure, operating environment, regulatory strategy and commercialization/adoption potential to help understand whether Canada can go from a nation of AI pioneers to a nation accelerated its potential across sectors. We also identify the critical barriers to adoption faced by firms and posit initial recommendations on how to boost investment, implementation and innovation in Canada’s AI ecosystem. 

Our Approach

Starting with publicly available data on global rates of AI adoption and layering in additional Canadian specific economic data, we are developing a snapshot of the state of AI adoption in Canada. This includes indicators on both how it is being used now and reasons firms have struggled to adopt it. From these findings, we are convening groups of experts and stakeholders to develop a series of actionable policy recommendations to help Canada lead the charge on AI adoption.


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