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Nov 14, 2019

An interview with author and podcast host, Charlie Jane Anders, exploring the potential futures of personal technology, climate change and human interaction.
To the Non-Linear Future and Beyond: An Interview with Charlie Jane Anders

Nov 12, 2019

From asking Alexa about the weather to catching some Z's, this article provides a snapshot of how personal data is being actively and passively collected during your down time.
Data Never Sleeps: Data collection practices in domestic spaces

Nov 4, 2019

Learn more about the Into the Dataverse series, an exploration into how personal data is currently generated, collected, and used in Canada
README.txt: Introducing Into the Dataverse, the article series

Oct 28, 2019

Opinion: The future of work is changing, but no-one can predict how. This op-ed was originally published on Apolitical.
Can an algorithm map the future of work?
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