Entrepreneurship Policy

This work stream is focused on harnessing the potential of entrepreneurship to create a more prosperous, inclusive, and resilient economy.
Entrepreneurship Policy
Thom Sevalrud / Brookfield Institute

About the Entrepreneurship Policy Work Stream

Canada’s economy is transforming at an extraordinary pace, and the ultimate toll of COVID-19 on small and medium-sized businesses remains unclear. In this context, the Entrepreneurship Policy work stream at BII+E explores the role of entrepreneurship in creating new opportunities and shared prosperity through the recovery phase and beyond.

Our work is designed to encourage policymakers to challenge common assumptions about how we define entrepreneurship, the role it plays in Canada’s growing innovation ecosystem, and how we can better support entrepreneurs through policy change: 

Key research questions
  • What role does entrepreneurship play in economic growth, job creation, and innovation in Canada?
  • How can we remove barriers to participation in entrepreneurship by implementing public, private and non-profit solutions?
  • How can we design entrepreneurship policies that best support a prosperous, equitable, and resilient economic recovery?

Work Stream Manager: Shilbee Kim

Completed Projects

Deep Dive

51 Results


May 20, 2021

This report offers a roadmap for practitioners and policymakers alike, identifying targeted high-impact interventions to support Canadian high-potential scale-ups
Getting to Scale: Accelerating Canada’s high-growth companies

May 20, 2021

Ce rapport offre une feuille de route à l’intention des praticiens et des décideurs, qui précise les interventions ciblées à fort impact pour appuyer les entreprises en accroissement d’échelle
Mise à l’échelle: Accélérer les entreprises à forte croissance du Canada

Apr 27, 2021

This toolkit for funders delivers specific recommendations for reducing bias and increasing capital access for underrepresented entrepreneurs throughout the funding process
Growth Untapped: Designing Funding with an Equity Lens

Apr 26, 2021

Sont fournies dans le présent coffre à outils des recommandations à l’intention du secteur du financement pour améliorer l’accès au capital des entrepreneurs durant le processus de fiancement
Potentiel inexploité: Concevoir le financement dans une perspective d’équité
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