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Entrepreneurship Ecosystems

This work stream seeks to inform the policies and programs aimed at ensuring that Canadians have access to entrepreneurship opportunities regardless of where they live and who they are.
Entrepreneurship Ecosystems
Thom Sevalrud / Brookfield Institute

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About the Entrepreneurship Ecosystems Work Stream

Our work tracks innovation economy trends and entrepreneurial activity and improves understanding of the experiences, success factors and barriers impacting Canada’s innovation ecosystem and entrepreneurs, as well as the tools and resources they need to succeed — regardless of their region or background.

Technological trends, combined with declining traditional industries, are increasing our reliance on innovation to drive growth and prosperity. Our innovation-driven economy demands a steady stream of entrepreneurial talent to identify opportunities, take risks, innovate and grow the economy. However, to achieve success, entrepreneurs require a complex ecosystem of customers, mentors, risk capital, infrastructure, large incumbents, market access, and a favourable policy environment.

Canada needs better information on its entrepreneurs, the ecosystems in which they operate, the impact they are having and how they can be supported.

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May 3, 2018

Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship releases comprehensive report assessing the impact of emerging automation technologies on labour
Ontario’s dual challenge: Maximizing the benefits of automation for business and people

Apr 11, 2018

Innovation Across the Nation: Highlights from Provincial and Territorial 2018 Budgets

Mar 9, 2018

Ryerson’s DMZ brings together resources and funding to help give life to the ideas of young entrepreneurs and aspiring innovators
Entrepreneurship by design

Dec 22, 2017

New Beyond the $ Value report provides a rare look into perceptions across the province on entrepreneurship, as well as a deeper definition of the actors that are part of this community
To be or not to be (An entrepreneur in Ontario), that is the question
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