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Apr 13, 2022

Our Senior Economist, Viet Vu shares his thoughts on last week's Federal Budget
The Unfinished Business of Budget 2022

Sep 16, 2021

Since return-to-office plans require many considerations, companies are innovating and remaining flexible to ensure safety and success.
The Post-Pandemic Office: How businesses around the world are envisioning the new workplace

Jan 18, 2021

A framework and toolkit for inclusive industrial policy to support economic growth, innovation and successful firms in a way that delivers widely-shared economic, social and environmental value.
An Inclusive Industrial Policy for Canada

Oct 27, 2020

An in-depth survey of the experiences of women founders as they scale their companies, revealing divergent pathways to growth and new recommendations for better supporting women-led firms.
Illustration of a woman founder embarking on an entrepreneurial journey with her child.
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