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We’re building a thriving innovation economy that includes, supports, and benefits people and communities across Canada.
Innovation and Growth
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About the Innovative + Inclusive Economy Work Stream

In an economy increasingly driven by technology and innovation, inclusive innovation fosters more equitable participation; improves performance by ensuring a diversity of skills, knowledge, and perspectives; and broadens benefits beyond economic growth. Our current areas of focus include overcoming the digital divide; designing  job pathways and transitions for workers; closing pay, participation, and job quality gaps in the innovation economy; the impact of technology on work; and our flagship Inclusive Innovation Monitor. Through this workstream, we imagine a more inclusive and equitable economy and the policies and programs that will get us there.

Key research questions
  • How can we broaden access to opportunities — such as technology, education, employment, R+D, and funding — across demographics and regions? 
  • How can we ensure better equity within the innovation economy — including pay, job quality, and advancement opportunities?  
  • How can we ensure the results of innovation activity benefit the most people and do the least harm?
  • How can innovation policy support a strong economic recovery that is inclusive, equitable, and resilient?

Work Stream Manager: Nisa Malli


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Nov 4, 2021

Are AI technologies "taking" human jobs, creating them, or somewhere in between? Our latest collaboration with the OECD will help inform global policy through real-world examples.
Is AI in the workplace a threat or an advantage to employees? Let’s find out.

Nov 4, 2021

We’ve partnered with the OECD and researchers in other countries to investigate the impact of artificial intelligence in workplaces in the manufacturing and finance sectors.
Impacts of AI on the Canadian Workplace

Sep 16, 2021

Since return-to-office plans require many considerations, companies are innovating and remaining flexible to ensure safety and success.
The Post-Pandemic Office: How businesses around the world are envisioning the new workplace

Jun 15, 2021

Our updated Playbook for policymakers, employers and service providers delivers a revised framework and new methods for identifying job transitions pathways for mid-career workers.
Job Pathways Playbook, 2021 edition
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