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Mar 31, 2020

In partnership, the Brookfield Institute and the Innovation Policy Lab introduce a new way to measure innovation and inclusion (or inclusive innovation) in Canada—and why we need it
An Inclusive Innovation Monitor for Canada: A discussion paper

Feb 13, 2020

An introduction to intangibles, their significance, and the issues they raise for policymakers, business leaders, and other stakeholders
The Intangible Shift: Changing gears to compete in the new economy

Dec 17, 2019

Telling Canadians they need digital skills is not enough; we must be specific. This report does just that by exploring the demand for digital and soft skills in the Canadian labour market.
I, Human: The digital and soft skills driving Canada’s labour market

Oct 23, 2019

Building, testing, and learning from a new model to help displaced workers transition to jobs where employers are experiencing talent gaps
Lost and Found: Pathways from disruption to employment
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