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Jan 16, 2020

Inspired by BII+E’s research on employment in the year 2030, artifacts from the future are designed to spark thinking about what kinds of goods and services might exist in the next 10 years and beyond
Six artifacts from the future

Jan 14, 2020

As we conduct more of our financial transactions digitally, we provide a wealth of digital data about our spending habits, debts, credit scores, and income.
Bytes Better Have My Money

Dec 3, 2019

From classroom assignments to promotions at work, learn about the kind of data that is generated and collected in work environments and how it influences our educational and professional experiences.
Data Points: From report cards to promotions

Dec 2, 2019

You contemplated buying that new pair of shoes and now they are following you around the internet. This article explores how personal data is collected while we shop, in-store and online.
Get in Google, we’re going shopping
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