​Sarah Villeneuve

Policy Analyst

As a Policy Analyst, Sarah supports projects under the AI + Society and Innovation + Inclusive Growth work streams.

Sarah is particularly interested in emerging technology’s impact on public policy, human well-being, and the economy. Motivated by both the potential benefits technology offers to governments and civil society, and concerns of fairness, accountability and inclusivity, she seeks to contribute to critical conversations surrounding the development and adoption of technology in public life.

Prior to joining BII+E, Sarah worked as a Research Assistant at the University of Cambridge for The Whistle, a project seeking to develop a digital human rights reporting and verification platform. She has previously conducted research on algorithmic discrimination, smart-city marginalization, and predictive analytics for governance.

Sarah is a contributor to the IEEE Global Initiative for Ethical Considerations in Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems, as well as the IEEE Standards Association Working Group on Wellbeing Metrics for Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems.

She holds an MSc in Data and Society from the London School of Economics and Political Science and a BA in Politics and International Relations from Royal Holloway, University of London.

31 Contributions


May 27, 2020

This ongoing scan explores policies and programs from around the world that aim to support start-ups, scale-ups, entrepreneurs, and SMEs impacted by COVID-19
From Surviving to Thriving: Tracking COVID-19 start-up and scale-up supports from around the world

Feb 20, 2020

A conclusion and summary of what we currently know about public perceptions related to personal data collection, data activism, and current legislation and policy.
Life after Dataverse

Feb 4, 2020

In today's world, digital communication is by far the most common way of maintaining connections with others, from social media to dating apps. But what insights are gathered from your personal data??
Data with Destiny

Jan 21, 2020

Once you enter public spaces, both physical and virtual, your personal data is captured in a number of ways. From CCTV cameras to social media, find out how your personal data is collected and used.
I’ll Be Watching You
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