Welcome to the Digitally Lit(erate) Curriculum

Welcome to the Digitally Lit(erate) Curriculum

Sharing the open-source digitally lit(erate) curriculum focused on building youth digital literacy and technical competencies
Welcome to the Digitally Lit(erate) Curriculum
September 24, 2020
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We are proud to share the open-source Digitally Lit curriculum, a program designed to introduce participants to core digital literacy concepts and basic code to help build a foundation for future learning. 

We invite organizations to use, tailor, and remix the program to fit their specific needs. Please get in touch with Annalise Huynh to let us know if and how you used the curriculum. 

Learning outcomes 

  • Increased comfort with exploring digital literacy concepts and motivation to continue learning
  • Enhanced understanding of HTML code and its application to everyday digital products and spaces 
  • Ability to better practice privacy and security when online 
  • Able to differentiate between factual information and misinformation such as fake news

How to use this curriculum

The Digitally Lit(erate) curriculum is structured to be delivered in seven 120+ minute sessions, in which learners can explore core digital literacy concepts and apply that knowledge to a variety of different activities. Throughout each session, we have included links to resources that help enhance the learning experience for each topic area. 

Participants will be building their own webpages for the majority of this curriculum to better understand digital literacy concepts and apply them during code-based activities. By the end of the program, participants should leave with a digital portfolio that will include live web pages that they have created.

Digitally Lit(erate) Curriculum


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