The AI Shift: Implications for policymakers

Insights from guest speakers and participants gathered during our one-day conference, hosted in partnership with the Government of Ontario’s Policy Innovation Hub
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The AI Shift
Nisa Malli
BII+E Alumni
​Sarah Villeneuve
Alumni, Policy Analyst
Coralie D’Souza
Director of Operations + Employee Engagement
Erin Hesselink
Communications Assistant

About this Report

AI + Public Policy: Understanding the shift was among the first of its kind in Canada, designed to develop a shared understanding of the core technical concepts and historical context among multi-sectoral participants, and to encourage deliberation surrounding the cross-cutting challenges and public policy implications of AI. This one-day conference, hosted in partnership with the Government of Ontario’s Policy Innovation Hub, explored changes in technical capabilities of AI, their commercial applications, and changes needed in how government responds and how sectors collaborate.

This report provides a summary of the opportunities and challenges that AI presents to policy makers, analyzing insights from guest speakers and facilitated participant discussions.

Read this report to help you:
  • Understand the technical and commercial evolution of AI research and industry
  • Identify the public policy implications of AI and the challenges and opportunities that AI poses to society
  • Gain insight into the role of government in this evolving technical landscape

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Key findings from the report:

  • There is a need for deliberate conversation amongst policymakers, technologists, social scientists and broader communities that will be impacted by a shift toward a prediction-centred society.
  • Further exploration of the potential benefits and challenges of applying AI in the delivery of government service and internal decision-making is needed.

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AI + Public Policy: Understanding the Shift
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