Yasmin Rajabi

Alumni, Project Manager

Yasmin Rajabi is a former Project Manager at BII+E with a focus on the Skills for an Innovation-Driven Economy Work Stream.

Prior to joining the BII+E, Yasmin was a Project Manager at the Young Women’s Leadership Network. She designed, executed and evaluated training workshops and events to build the leadership capacity of girls and young women.

She has also worked as a facilitator for many strategic initiatives including Metrolinx’s 2041 Draft Regional Transportation Plan, the City of Toronto’s Planning Review Panel and OCASI’s Gender Based Violence Campaign.

Yasmin has extensive experience running youth programs and founded a food bank at the University of Toronto Scarborough. She is currently a City of Toronto Protégée, an executive of Food Secure Canada’s Youth Caucus, and sits on the Board of Directors for the Young Women’s Leadership Network.

Yasmin has an Honours BA in Public Policy and City Studies from the University of Toronto.

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May 29, 2020

How can we prepare Canadians for the future of work? Our new occupations and skills forecast explores how Canada’s labour market may evolve in the next decade.
Ahead by a Decade: Employment in 2030

May 29, 2020

Comment préparer les Canadiens au futur monde du travail? Voyez les prévisions de l’Institut Brookfield sur les professions et les compétences et comment l’emploi peut évoluer d’ici 10 ans.
Une Décennie D’avance: L’emploi en 2030

Oct 11, 2019

Opinion: Brookfield Institute report raises questions about the implications of four environmental trends on the labour market. This op-ed was originally written for CERIC’s Careering magazine.
Illustration by Jesseca Buizon of a single water drop falling towards three buckets being held.

Jul 16, 2019

For this next phase of our work on employment in 2030, learn why we gathered a diverse group of 120+ people in workshops across Canada to share their expertise in labour market trends
Photo of people writing on and looking at notes on glass wall.
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