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Tara O’Neil

Futures Researcher

Tara has been working in the field of innovation for more than 25 years. Currently, she is completing a PhD In Inclusive Design and Creative Technology Innovation. Her thesis endeavors to understand how future studies combined with virtual reality might help alter mental models and develop radical creativity to solve wicked problems.  The focus of her thesis is the reinvention of the rural town.

Before this work, Tara was the Chief Creative Officer at Perennial Inc, a strategic design studio in Toronto. By combining business strategy with design strategy, the customer experience was reimagined. As part of this role, Tara helped develop a new studio in Bangalore India allowing her to experience and participate in the rise of modern retail.

Tara believes that combining creativity with math and science provides new pathways to powerful ideas. This is critical as the problems we are facing today are complex and require new ways of thinking. This course is often bumpy and messy but ends with possibilities that could not otherwise have been found.

Tara also holds a Master of Design in Strategic Foresight and Innovation from OCAD University and a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Interior Design from Ryerson.

4 Contributions


Apr 9, 2019

What does the future hold for employment in Canada? Using strategic foresight research methods, this report explores a broad range of trends with the potential to impact Canada's labour market.
Turn and Face the Strange: Changes impacting the future of employment in Canada

Apr 9, 2019

Un nouveau rapport se penche sur les tendances complexes susceptibles de transformer le marché du travail canadien au cours des 10 à 15 prochaines années
C’est le début d’un temps nouveau: Changements ayant une incidence sur l’avenir de l’emploi au Canada

Mar 8, 2019

If you could see into the future, which types of skills and jobs would likely be in demand in the next 10–15 years? Learn about our project exploring employment in and around the year 2030.
Employment in 2030

Mar 7, 2019

Si vous pouviez prédire l’avenir, quels types de compétences et d’emplois seraient vraisemblablement recherchés dans les 10 à 15 prochaines années?
L’emploi en 2030
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