Graham Dobbs

Senior Economist

As a Senior Economist, Graham is a part of the research team at the Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship (BII+E). At the Institute, Graham researches technology adoption in the Canadian labour force and its impact on occupational distributions and transitions.

In the past, Graham developed tools and insights designed to make labour market information more accessible and navigable for Canadians. His previous research topics include following taxable earnings of post-secondary graduates and Red Seal journeypersons to provide credible wage information to students, mapping the access of career service use among Canadian adults, and broadening access to skills and job demand through online job posting dashboards.

Graham has a degree in Economics and holds a Master of Arts in Economic Policy from McMaster University. He was also a sessional lecturer at the undergraduate health sciences program at McMaster, teaching the economics of healthcare. Graham grew up in Toronto and devotes his time outside of work to building courage, discipline, and resiliency through coaching and playing a variety of sports in the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area.