Gaga Boskovic

Public Policy Associate, CIFAR

Gaga Boskovic supports
CIFAR’s AI & Society program
under the umbrella of the
CIFAR Pan-Canadian Artificial
Intelligence Strategy, supporting research that
examines the social, ethical, legal, and economic
effects of AI. She has also worked at the Ontario
Ministry of Education, and most recently at the
Centre for Policy Innovation and Public Engagement
at Ryerson University, where she conducted research
on the Canadian policy innovation landscape. Gaga
holds an MA in Public Policy and Administration
from Ryerson University, and a BA from the
University of Waterloo in Economics and English.

1 Contribution


May 28, 2019

Insight into the cross-country series of labs we designed and delivered in partnership with CIFAR to explore the public policy implications of artificial intelligence (AI)
Rebooting Regulation: Exploring the Future of AI Policy in Canada
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