Erin Hesselink

Communications Assistant

When it comes to impeccable copywriting and pixel perfection, Erin infuses BII+E’s research with creativity and brings projects to life in her role as Communications Assistant.

Erin’s passion for supporting Canada’s innovators and entrepreneurs, sharing new research and connecting with other players in the ecosystem makes her a dynamic member of the BII+E team.

Entrepreneurship has always been at the heart of Erin’s many projects, including a newspaper that Erin founded when she was just eight years old. The small town paper flourished until Erin was a correspondent for a local paper at age 10, leading her to later pursue a degree in journalism at Ryerson University.

At Ryerson, Erin found a knack for social media and digital design, and has a proven track record of implementing social media strategies to help firms reach their audiences and connect in new ways.

Erin doesn’t shy away from a challenge and is always looking to learn new skills. She is currently pursuing her Proficiency in Spanish certificate and teaching herself how to code in her free time.

Erin holds a Bachelor of Journalism and a Certificate of Advanced Digital and Professional Training from Ryerson University, where she also founded the Dutch Students’ Society and held a social media management role at a campus newspaper.

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