Diana Rivera


Diana is an Economist at the Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship (BII+E). Since joining the team, she has focused on exploring the role of innovation developments and policies on labour, while analyzing their economic and social impact in communities and society as a whole.

Diana is deeply interested in helping to broaden economic inclusion. She is particularly curious about the participation of women, and of all groups, in innovation and entrepreneurship initiatives, and how they share in the benefits. Diana is also passionate about identifying the potential role of education in achieving this inclusion. As a data enthusiast, she is continually learning about the growing possibilities of data analysis and the answers it can help provide.

Prior to joining BII+E, Diana worked with CPA Canada’s Public Affairs and Government Relations team as a Research and Compliance Officer. She contributed to economic and policy research on intergenerational income inequality and precarious work in Canada. She also worked as a Canadian Economic Analysis Research Intern at the Bank of Canada, where she examined the non-financial credit role that firms can play in supply chains, providing liquidity to firms both up and down the production stream. Pursuing her interest in economic inclusion, she also collaborated in various academic research projects including the interactions of race and political representation, the effect of female membership in executive boards, and the efficacy of student support programs in post-secondary education.

Diana holds a Masters of Economics, along with an Honours BA in International Affairs and Economics from the University of Toronto.

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