Clement Bourgogne

VP, Strategic Programs, Scale AI

Clement Bourgogne is VP of strategic programs at Scale AI. Based in Montreal but operating across Canada, Scale AI is an investment and innovation hub aimed at accelerating the adoption of artificial intelligence in supply chains. With $300M in public funds to deploy by 2023, Scale AI is positioned at the heart of the Canadian AI ecosystem, supporting organizations of all sizes in their efforts to deploy innovative solutions across their supply chains.

In his role at Scale AI, Clement leads the company’s three investment teams and oversees the deployment of capital for industry-led projects, workforce development programs and startup growth. In addition, Clement is also responsible for liaising with key stakeholders of the Canadian AI and supply chains ecosystem and is actively involved in fostering collaboration between established and emerging businesses to accelerate the pace of innovation in Canada.

Prior to joining Scale AI, Clement was a project leader at BCG, where he worked with leading corporations on industry 4.0 and operational excellence initiatives. He holds a bachelor in mechanical engineering from the University of Ottawa and an MBA from HEC Paris.