Brent Barron

Director, Public Policy, CIFAR

Brent Barron is Director, Public
Policy at CIFAR where he is
responsible for engaging the

policy community around cutting-
edge science. He played an important role in the

development of the CIFAR Pan-Canadian Artificial
Intelligence Strategy, and now oversees CIFAR’s AI
& Society program, examining the social, ethical,
legal, and economic effects of AI. Prior to this role,
Brent held a variety of positions in the Ontario
Public Service, most recently in the Ministry of
Research, Innovation and Science. Brent holds a
Master’s degree in Public Policy from the University
of Toronto, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Media
Studies from Western University.

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May 28, 2019

Insight into the cross-country series of labs we designed and delivered in partnership with CIFAR to explore the public policy implications of artificial intelligence (AI)
Rebooting Regulation: Exploring the Future of AI Policy in Canada
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