Ashleigh Montague


With a keen interest in planning and creating processes, combined with a natural ability to connect with people, Ashleigh has established a career in Project Management. Her career decision was influenced by her involvement as one of the Founding Mothers for Nu Omega Zeta a Sorority at McMaster University where she held a Public Relations and Events Executive position. It was one of her goals to establish key relationships in the community to ensure Nu Omega Zeta would be seen as a positive Organization in the Hamilton and McMaster communities. 

Ashleigh has invested many years in community service! She is genuinely passionate about creating opportunities for people to thrive. Her focus is to motivate and inspire youth and young adults through initiatives that foster new skills, create opportunities and to develop an entrepreneurial mind for them to succeed. Ashleigh and her siblings started an organization in Hamilton Ontario named Sisters4Sisters that focuses on this. S4S has raised money for women and youth organizations, given academic bursaries, and has served the general community by contributing cash and kind to a Non-Profit Cafe.

Prior to joining BII+E, Ashleigh was a Project Manager at an Event Technology company – Streampoint Solutions. She was one of Streampoint’s primary point-of-contact for clients, working with them to ensure timely and quality implementations of Streampoint’s event registration software within budget. She was also responsible for maintaining client satisfaction during the relationship and success relied heavily on her ability to communicate, set, and maintain clear expectations with all parties involved.

Ashleigh believes that with planning, clear and simple processes, amazing connections and teamwork, success is inevitable. She is excited to work with the BII+E team and external stakeholders to ensure the continued success of the Institute.

Ashleigh holds a Graduate Certificate in Project Management from Sheridan College and an Honours Bachelor of Commerce from McMaster University.

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Apr 27, 2021

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Apr 26, 2021

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