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Jul 25, 2019

Silicon Valley was once seen as the harbinger of a new information economy that would help spread prosperity. Learn more via Dr. Chris Benner, as part of our series on a more inclusive economy.
Beyond the Techlash:  Silicon Valley and structures of inequality

Jul 16, 2019

Pour la prochaine phase de notre travail sur l’emploi en 2030, nous avons réuni +120 personnes qui ont échangé leur expertise des tendances du marché du travail dans des ateliers partout au Canada
Comment concevoir un atelier sur l’avenir de l’emploi

Nov 13, 2018

In partnership with CIFAR, this project aims to help emerging policy leaders across Canada respond to the opportunities and challenges that accompany the rapid development of artificial intelligence
AI Futures Policy Labs: A series of workshops for emerging policymakers

Aug 11, 2018

In partnership with the Government of Ontario’s Policy Innovation Hub, we sought to bring together senior government leaders and industry experts for a day of discussion on AI and its implications
The AI Shift: Engaging policymakers to better understand the potential implications of AI on public policy
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