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We’re working hard to improve the impact and outcomes of
that lead to vibrant communities.

Across the country, policymakers aspire to develop policies, programs and services that support vibrant communities.

At the same time, citizens from all walks of life are demanding more from their governments. In addition to transparency, they want an opportunity to contribute to policy solutions that will impact their lives.

In recent years, alternative approaches to traditional policy development have begun to emerge, and they are engaging citizens and communities in new ways. The premise is that citizens and communities—as subject matter experts and as individuals and communities affected by policy decisions—can add value throughout the policy development process if we broaden the range of tools we use to determine priorities, execute plans, and evaluate outcomes.

We call these tools “policy innovation tools,” which include everything from labs, to challenge prizes, to participatory budgets. The first waves of experimentation with these tools have provided a foundation to build upon. The benefits of developing policy differently are evident. However, we acknowledge that more work is needed to understand how, and when, to apply policy innovation tools that best support the development of impactful public policies, services and programs.

The Policy Innovation Platform works to fill this gap.

The Policy Innovation Platform supports the continuous adoption of policy innovation methods and tools by policymakers in order to deliver better public policies, programs and services for all Canadians. We do this in three ways:

  • We design and run engagements that apply policy innovation methods and tools.

  • We curate resources and work with policymakers to develop deep knowledge about effective policy innovation methods and tools.

  • We rigorously evaluate what works (and what does not) and share lessons widely.

Here’s how we work with partners to test and use new policy methods and tools:

The Policy Innovation Platform's 5-step process: 1. Scope and frame problem statements, 2. Match policy challenges with the appropriate tool, 3. Design processes that apply new tools, 4. Convene the right people including stakeholders, citizen experts, and end users, and 5. Evaluate what worked and disseminate learnings widely.

Learning Out Loud

​Last year we announced a partnership between the Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship’s Policy Innovation Platform and the Ontario Public Service’s Policy Innovation Hub.

Over the last year, the Policy Innovation Platform has designed and implemented six engagements on a range of policy challenges in Ontario. We committed to learn out loud, to share what worked and what did not, and what we think this could mean for integrating the tools we test more widely across the public service.

We’re excited to share our work from the last year.

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