Making Connections: Enabling access to digital literacy across Canada

From extensive research to a youth-focused pilot, we’re working to better understand how digital literacy is taught and learned across Canada, who has access to it, and who doesn’t

Project Team

Annalise Huynh
Alumni, Policy Analyst + Designer
Nisa Malli
BII+E Alumni
Jessica Thornton
Simona Ramkisson

Why we’re doing this project

The way we engage and work with one another is changing. The definition of digital literacy—and the skills and capabilities that it comprises—continues to expand as technology evolves and becomes more pervasive. People are under pressure to remain up to date for civic and social participation, to access public services, and to succeed in a digitizing economy.

While Canada is making exciting strides in the area of digital literacy, we still have some way to go. To keep pace with changing digital capabilities and applications, we need an inclusive, dynamic, and connected landscape of programs and policies that support all learners in their quest for digital literacy, no matter where they start or what their end goals are.

To get there, it’s more important than ever that we have an accurate picture of digital literacy: what it is, what the demand for and supply of digital skills are, who is offering digital literacy education, and who is falling through the cracks when it comes to access. To answer these questions, we are working on a series of research projects that explore the state of digital literacy in Canada. These include a collaborative action-research project testing a model for delivering accessible digital literacy education across Ontario, and a series of qualitative and quantitative projects examining the state of digital literacy in Canada, the education and training landscape, and barriers faced by learners at all levels and ages.


Partners + Sponsors

This work is supported by generous funds provided by the Fukakusa-Belbeck family and a matching contribution from the Government of Ontario.

Deep Dive

10 Results


Sep 24, 2020

What we learned from two years spent planning and running a digital literacy and coding pilot for youth in community spaces across Ontario
Lessons from the Digital Literacy + Coding Pilot

Sep 24, 2020

Sharing lessons from our pilot program, which tested a model for delivering accessible digital literacy and coding programs in libraries and community spaces across Ontario
Plugging In: Empowering communities to ensure digital literacy access for youth

Sep 24, 2020

Sharing the open-source digitally lit(erate) curriculum focused on building youth digital literacy and technical competencies
Welcome to the Digitally Lit(erate) Curriculum

Dec 17, 2019

Telling Canadians they need digital skills is not enough; we must be specific. This report does just that by exploring the demand for digital and soft skills in the Canadian labour market.
I, Human: The digital and soft skills driving Canada’s labour market
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