Into the Scale-up-verse: Exploring the landscape of Canada’s high-performing firms

The first comprehensive examination of the different ways to measure and define high-growth firms and their important contributions to the Canadian economy
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Into the Scale-up-verse: Exploring the landscape of Canada’s high-performing firms
Steve Denney
Research Collaborator
Viet Vu
Manager, Economic Research
Ryan Kelly
Research Collaborator

About This Report

For Canadian firms, high-growth is rare. Our new report, Into the Scale-up-verse, finds that—despite their relatively small population—scale-ups are responsible for the vast majority of productivity growth in Canada. Through a research collaboration between the Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship and the Innovation Policy Lab at the Munk School for Public Policy & Global Affairs in the University of Toronto, this report provides the most comprehensive guide yet to understanding the diverse landscape of high-growth companies and their contributions to Canada’s economic success.

For academic researchers, industry players, and government policymakers, this report acts as a resource that clearly defines the different types of scale-ups, maps their geographic and industrial diversity, and highlights their impact on export values, innovation, employment, and productivity growth in Canada. It will also inform economic policy-making and the conversation on scale-ups as we work to encourage the creation and success of more scale-ups in Canada and harness the immense power these firms hold in securing long-term economic sustainability and prosperity.

Read this report to help you:
  • Understand the immense impact Canadian scale-ups have on productivity growth, employment creation, and innovation adoption.
  • Navigate the first-of-its-kind sub-provincial and industrial mapping of Canada’s scale-up activity.
  • Gain the language and the framework to discuss scale-ups in the context of policymaking and research.
  • Identify areas that deserve particular attention of policymakers to ensure we harness the full potential of scale-ups in Canada.

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Key insights from the report:

  • Scale-ups drive the majority of productivity growth in Canada. With high-growth firms in many industries experiencing productivity growth in excess of 25% in a single year, there is little doubt that scale-ups are an integral part of Canada’s long-term economic sustainability.
  • Scale-ups are leading contributors to increased employment and job quality in Canada. Scale-ups employ ten times the number of people compared to non-scale-ups, and average pay at scale-ups exceeds non-scale-ups across almost all industries and economic regions of Canada.
  • Declining investment in R&D is a risk to scale-ups reaching their full potential. R&D investment has proven to be successful in ensuring a firm’s sustained growth. And although scale-ups are more likely to allocate funds to research and development relative to non-scale-ups, overall trends in R&D investment are stagnating.
  • Scale-ups are more likely to export than non-scale-ups. Successfully exporting is a sure sign that a firm has raised their growth ceiling, expanding their market reach, and bolstered their organizational sophistication. Scale-ups export at a frequency five to ten times higher than non-scale-ups.
  • Scale-ups are too diverse and complex for a “one size fits all” policy approach. Using new and comprehensive insights into the three ways scale-ups are defined and measured, policymaking can now apply a more targeted approach to supporting the success of different types of high-growth firms, their behaviours, and contributions.

Technology Retrospective

Scale-ups are responsible for the majority of productivity growth in Canada and the tech sector is an important part of this picture. This extract from Into the Scale-up-verse focuses on what our research means for the tech sector and how policymakers should look towards unlocking its full potential to advance Canada’s economic prosperity.

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This is a joint project between the Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship (BII+E) and the Innovation Policy Lab at the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy.

The views expressed in this report are those of the authors and do not reflect those of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, or the Government of Canada.

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