An Innovative + Inclusive Economy

This work stream examines the distribution of risks and benefits in Canada's innovation economy and explores how to improve equity and broaden participation.
Innovation and Growth
Aliya Ghare / Brookfield Institute

About the Innovative + Inclusive Economy Work Stream

Innovation and advances in technology have tremendous potential to boost economic growth and improve quality of life across Canada. However, the benefits are not accruing equally. Larger technology companies are dominating markets. Jobs are consolidating in major urban centres. Wealth and opportunity are accruing unequally, with a growing number of workers finding themselves in precarious or relatively low-paying jobs. Discrimination and barriers to entry are contributing to a lack of diversity in entrepreneurship, tech jobs, and other high-growth areas of the economy. While digital skills have become increasingly necessary, access to technology, education and training is uneven.

As Canada’s economic model shifts, we have an opportunity to build economic success that ensures greater prosperity for everyone in Canada, and does not perpetuate historical exclusions or inequities. Our work explores the distribution of risks and benefits that come from an innovation-driven economy and informs policies and programs that promote shared prosperity.

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Jul 25, 2019

Silicon Valley was once seen as the harbinger of a new information economy that would help spread prosperity. Learn more via Dr. Chris Benner, as part of our series on a more inclusive economy.
Beyond the Techlash:  Silicon Valley and structures of inequality

May 14, 2019

Instead of mitigating the downsides of change, we need to transform production, allowing more people to partake in the innovation economy. Learn why via Madeleine Gabriel in our ongoing series.
To build an inclusive innovation-led economy, we need to focus on production

Apr 22, 2019

Does an inclusive future rest on investing in people and cultivating market conditions that encourage entrepreneurs? Learn more via Kenan Fikri in our series on a more equitable innovation economy.
Towards a more socially and spatially inclusive innovation economy

Mar 27, 2019

Healthy competition is integral to capitalism. Yet, competition is waning. Learn why via Denise Hearn, co-author of the Myth of Capitalism, as part of our series on inclusion in the innovation economy
Keep Canada innovative by avoiding monopolies
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