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Jan 12, 2023

With a shared mission to advance an inclusive innovation economy and democracy in Canada, we are merging with the Leadership Lab as one organization at Toronto Metropolitan University
ANNOUNCEMENT: The Brookfield Institute and the Leadership Lab are merging under Toronto Metropolitan University

Dec 5, 2022

Systemic labour market inequities in pay and participation continue to persist, and, in some cases, have gotten worse, in that there are new inequities in 2016 that did not exist in 2001.
NEW RESEARCH: Inequities in pay and participation persist for women, PoC, immigrants in Canada’s tech workforce, report findings show

Feb 23, 2022

New insights + recommendations on how moonshot innovation policy can help solve our world’s most pressing collective challenges and strengthen our economy.
NEW RESEARCH: A bold new approach to innovation policy designed to tackle our greatest societal challenges

Feb 23, 2021

Growing evidence suggests that inclusive economies generate more and better innovation, higher growth, and a more equitable distribution of related risks and benefits.
NEW TOOL: If Canada wants to build a thriving innovation economy, it needs to be more inclusive
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