As Projects Officer, Vanessa has the opportunity to participate in the planning and implementation of a variety of policy engagements and the Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship (BII+E).

As a passionate advocate for social empowerment, Vanessa is profoundly aware of the essential role that meticulous design and rigorous execution play in galvanizing communities. Before joining BII+E, Vanessa worked as a project manager and event coordinator with Canada Learning Code, travelling to every province and territory to raise digital literacy nationwide.

Working with rural communities within Canada inspired Vanessa to look outside of our borders for opportunities to effect change in access to education and entrepreneurial opportunities on an international scale. Vanessa has travelled and worked across Asia and Southeast Asia, collaborating with organizations that bring digital literacy education and legal access to rural communities and refugees in countries such as Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.

Invigorated by her time in abroad, Vanessa is ready to translate her experience into impactful change in her home country through public policy and engagement. With her practical experience quarterbacking social initiatives both in Canada and abroad, coupled with her academic background in everything from neurobiology and sustainability to disaster and emergency management, Vanessa hopes to bring a fresh perspective to every project she undertakes at BII+E.

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