A naturally curious individual, Annalise likes to ask questions. As a Policy Analyst + Designer at BII+E, she is interested in applying different ways to navigate and articulate complex ideas, starting with the intersection of the design and research. Understanding people and contexts is important to her, as well as thinking about how to bring this understanding into new programs and strategies.

She used her time at Ryerson University to explore these ideas, collaboratively creating opportunities and advocating in support of experiential learning. In addition to representing students at program, faculty, and university-wide levels, Annalise worked with university administration to identify specific student needs and develop programs to fill the gaps. Whether it was creating an organization of student scholars that coordinated placements for their peers in community organizations, or a field placement course for students looking for practical experience, she has always been excited about taking an active role in creating new opportunities.

Annalise is particularly interested in how to make innovation and entrepreneurship matter to people who don’t identify as innovators or entrepreneurs. She’s inspired by good questions, good ideas, and bad puns.

Annalise has a Bachelor of Arts in Politics and Governance from Ryerson University. She also completed an exchange at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

Articles by this Author

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