Transforming the Ontario Public Service for the Future

This white paper distills key insights we received from Transforming the Ontario Public Service (OPS) for the Future: Engagement Session, an event co-hosted with the Ontario Public Service Renewal team to obtain insights on their strategic framework for public service renewal.

The engagement session, which took place October 13, 2017, sought to help the OPS understand how they can collaborate with individuals and organizations outside of the public service to achieve some core principles guiding its renewal:

  1. Empowering Ontarians: Developing partnerships with the people of Ontario to develop public policy with them, and not just for them.
  2. Delivering evidence-based, outcome-focused policy: Using rigorous evidence to inform decisions and achieve better results in more cost-effective ways.
  3. Promoting open delivery systems: Opening more services to stakeholders and the public so we are better positioned to meet the needs of Ontarians in new and innovative ways.
  4. Cultivating an open and inclusive public service: Empowering OPS leaders and employees in creating a more open, diverse and inclusive workplace.

We convened Greater Toronto Area-based participants who partner and collaborate with the OPS, including individuals representing think tanks, academics, non-profits, private sector organizations that provider consultation and other services to the OPS, transfer payment agencies, and youth to answer the following questions:

  • What are some of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in your current interactions with the OPS?
  • How might we build on opportunities and/or respond to threats so that our interactions with the OPS contribute to achieving the core principles?

Read this report and the accompanying summary infographic to help you:

  • Understand some of the real and perceived strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that participants to this session identified in their interactions with the OPS.
  • Discover participants’ ideas for enhancing opportunities and overcoming barriers to collaborate with the OPS.

The insights and ideas that emerged from Transforming the the Ontario Public Service (OPS) for the Future: Engagement Session offer a valuable perspective from Ontarians. We are excited by the potential of these insights and ideas to inform public service renewal efforts at the Ontario Public Service. This engagement session was undertaken as part of a partnership between the Brookfield Institute’s Policy Innovation Platform and the Government of Ontario, Cabinet Office Policy Innovation Hub.

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