2015 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Ontario Report

The 2015 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Ontario Report is an annual report produced this year by the Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship (BII+E), Ryerson University and The Centre for Innovation Studies.

The report analyzed the performance of entrepreneurs in Ontario in comparison with similar economies worldwide, including Canada as a whole, the US, Australia and Germany.
Ontario is a leader in entrepreneurship participation, with growth from 11.7% in 2013 to 14.4% in 2015. In Ontario’s rich and robust entrepreneurship ecosystem, everybody has access to entrepreneurship, regardless of age, gender or income.
This report is useful to government policy makers, academics, university and post-secondary institutions and those who want to gain a better understanding of entrepreneurship ecosystem in Ontario, as well as the entrepreneurs operating within the ecosystem.

Read this report to help you:

  • Understand the level of entrepreneurship activity and the economic aspirations of entrepreneurs in Ontario
  • Understand public attitudes towards entrepreneurship
    Compare the entrepreneurial performance of Ontario with similar economies around the world
  • Identify relevant policy responses to the continual improvement of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Ontario

This report shows that Ontario is a leader in entrepreneurship and performing quite well, but there are clear areas in which we can improve. In 2015:

  • Ontario had one of the highest entrepreneurship participation rates among reference economies, second only to Canada as a whole.
  • 21 percent of Ontario entrepreneurs adopted the very latest technologies in their businesses.
  • Ontario had the highest woman entrepreneurship participation rate at 13.8 percent, and 87.76 percent of woman entrepreneurs were opportunity-driven.
  • 51.2 percent of Ontarians were confident in their abilities to start a business, but 46.7 percent said fear of failure would prevent them from starting a business.
  • 52 percent of opportunity-driven entrepreneurs see independence as a strong incentive for starting a business, while only 29.2 percent see increasing income as motivation.
  • 26 percent of all Ontario entrepreneurs operate in the wholesale, retail and hotels sector.

The report delves into relevant policy recommendations, including mentoring programs, developing a strategic vision and programs for women in entrepreneurship, R&D transfer improvement and entrepreneurship education from a young age.

Also included as part of the report is a downloadable infographic, visually demonstrating the report’s key findings.

To find out our take on why entrepreneurship in Ontario is thriving, read our blog post, Access Granted: Ontario Supports Entrepreneurs from All Walks of Life.

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