Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What does BII+E do?

A. We are a policy-focused institute dedicated to making Canada the best country in the world to be an innovator or an entrepreneur. You can find more information about our mandate here.

Q. What is the scope of BII+E’s work?

A. Our mandate is national in scope. We aspire to make Canada the best country in the world to be an innovator or an entrepreneur. Thus, when we take on projects or topics, we pick subjects that have the potential to have an impact across the country.

This does not prevent us from working on projects that are provincial or local in scope, particularly if we think starting smaller could be a means of later having an impact at the national level.

Q. How is BII+E funded?

A. The Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship has been made possible by an initial gift of $16 million from Jack Cockwell and the Brookfield Partners Foundation.

Q. How do you decide which projects or topics to take on?

A. Our model is to choose projects that we think have potential to have a significant impact on supporting innovation and entrepreneurship across the country.

We have developed a list of questions that we ask ourselves before taking on a new project or topic:

  1. Alignment with BII+E’s core mandate: Does the topic pertain to supporting innovation and entrepreneurship within Canada?
  2. Topicality: Is it relevant, timely, and topical to the current debate?
  3. Impact: Does the topic or project have potentially broad impact?
  4. Adding Value: Do we have something to unique to say? Can we bring an approach to the challenge that hasn’t been tried before?
  5. Non-Duplicative: Is the topic already being addressed sufficiently by someone else?
  6. Partners and Collaboration: Are there existing partnerships that can be leveraged or new partnerships that can be formed?

Q. How can I partner with BII+E?

A. We always welcome inquiries from potential collaborators.  Please check out our Work With Us page for more information.

Q. How do I get funding for my project from BII+E?

A. We are not an funding agency and it is not within our mandate to fund external projects.

In some cases, we can bring funding to projects where we are also providing expertise. But we believe in a hands on approach and don’t simply fund third party projects.

Q. Does BII+E fund startups or run an incubator/accelerator program?

A. We are not a funding agency and will not be funding individual entrepreneurs, startups, or external projects.

Q. What is the relationship between BII+E and Ryerson University?

A. The Brookfield Institute is not a separate legal entity, but rather is housed within Ryerson University. However, the Institute is externally funded and is governed by an independent Advisory Board, which provides strategic direction and oversees the Institute’s leadership team.

More information about the relationship between BII+E and Ryerson can be found here.

Q. Is BII+E affiliated with Brookfield Asset Management or any of its subsidiaries?

A. The Brookfield Institute is separate and distinct from Brookfield Asset Management.

The initial funding for establishing BII+E came from Mr. Jack Cockwell and the Brookfield Partners Foundation and therefore, in recognition of this generosity, we thought it would be fitting to name the institute after Brookfield.

Q. Where is BII+E located?

A. We are housed within Ryerson University, in the heart of Toronto, Canada. Directions to our offices can be found here.

Please come visit us!