Friday, April 7, 2016 – Saturday, April 9, 2016


DMZ, Ryerson University
10 Dundas St. E., 6th Floor

What part does individual behaviour play in the bigger picture of climate change? How do the choices you make every day measure up?

Join us for a collaborative conversation and design thinking process with leaders in environment, business, and policy. Participants will have a chance to build and prototype their ideas, and win up to $9000 in prize money.

The Challenge

How can we empower individuals to change their behaviour to drive a cultural shift towards a low carbon society?

Who Should Get Involved

Inventive minds, young, old, and in between. People from cities, from suburbs, and from rural communities. People who are interested in different ways to interact with their environments. People who have something to say about how we experience our day-to-day, and are interested in helping their communities make smarter choices.

  • Analysts and Knowledge Experts
    • Data analysts
    • Policy analysts
    • Subject matter experts
    • Ethnographers

  • Artistic Catalysts
    • Artists
    • Storytellers
    • Designers

  • Builders
    • Engineers
    • Makers
    • Builders
    • Programmers

  • Project Gurus
    • Business strategists
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Project managers
    • Facilitators


Thursday April 7
Problem definition. What are the barriers?

Friday April 8
Idea generation. What could solutions look like?

Saturday April 9
Final pitches.

Contact Information

Name: Jesse Darling
Email Address:


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