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A Compass to Canada’s Innovation + Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

The nature of innovation + entrepreneurship is rapidly evolving, with new ventures, new products, new players, and new policy tools. As such, it can be difficult to have a full, encompassing view of all the players in the ecosystem.

Inspired by Nesta’s work, we’ve created what we hope will be a useful tool for all players, new or otherwise, in the Canadian innovation + entrepreneurship ecosystem. We’d like to present you with our understanding of the ecosystem, mapping out key players and organizing them in a way that captures how these players complement one another to drive Canadian entrepreneurship and innovation. It’s not meant to be in any way all-encompassing or comprehensive. Rather, we hope that this Compass can help anyone with interest better understand the rich universe of enablers that support innovation + entrepreneurship in Canada.

Read this report to help you:

  • Review core concepts in innovation + entrepreneurship
  • Lay a foundation for a dynamic overview of the Canadian innovation + entrepreneurship ecosystem
  • Adopt a conceptual framework to organize and navigate the actors involved
  • Understand at a high-level how different types of actors contribute to Canada’s ecosystem
  • Identify key actors at national and sub-national levels

This is where we’ve started, and we’re eager to hear your feedback. Is it useful? Which parts did we get right? Which parts did we get wrong? What questions does this resource raise? Let us know at



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    Annalise Huynh

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