Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship Announces Inaugural Cohort of Fellows

By Mark Hazelden
June 30, 2016

As a new institute focused on the intersection of entrepreneurship and innovation – arguably the most dynamic forces shaping our present and our future – we need to continuously challenge ourselves to reflect on the ideas of people who are making an impact. This means formally engaging with innovators and entrepreneurs, as well as with leading thinkers who have made great contributions to this discussion.

In establishing the Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship (BII+E), our aim is to upend the traditional think tank model by focusing on practical solutions, rather than additional diagnosis. This will be achieved by purposefully enlivening any policy work with real-world tests and pilots, and by anchoring our work in the real-world experience and knowledge of actual practitioners of innovation and entrepreneurship, those who are also the primary beneficiaries of our policy development.

To that end, and in addition to the partners we will engage with as areas of focus evolve, we have established a group of close advisors and recognized them as Senior Fellows and Fellows.

Senior Fellows

BII+E’s Senior Fellows are prominent individuals who have demonstrated leadership and commitment to the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship. They bring us their wisdom and advice and, in doing so, guide the direction of our Institute and the quality of our output. Finally, their vast networks, spanning the public service, business, academic and not-for-profit sectors, will be levered to enrich collaborations and to extend the reach of our work.


BII+E’s Fellows are active practitioners of innovation and entrepreneurship, the people who are building companies and championing new ideas. Our Fellows enhance our policy work by bringing a fresh perspective to new (and sometimes old) challenges. Fellows partner with us on projects and take risks in the testing and application of new ideas. They are our peers and our inspiration for establishing BII+E in the first place: to ensure that Canada is the best place in the world to be an innovator or an entrepreneur.

Our Fellows benefit from their association with a new institute that is comprised of a dynamic team on the cutting edge of researching and testing policies that support entrepreneurs. We will be their conduit for developing solutions, for testing ideas, for convening experts and for delivering results through evidence and advocacy.

Now is a better time than ever before to drive the discussion about policy innovation and get involved with the evolving ecosystem surrounding innovation and entrepreneurship.

Our growing network of Fellows and Senior Fellows can be found here. Please stay tuned for additional announcements in Fall 2016.

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